We would like to invite you to join EMed Research Center, to combat  Alzheimer’s and Diabetes with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Currently, many of the common treatments are deemed to be ineffective. Based on the research done by the British Medical Journal’s “Clinical Evidence” and the US Office of Technology Assessment of thousands of common medical treatments that were assessed, only 10 to 20 percent of those treatments have evidence of efficacy. With this devastating insight, there is an urgent need for alternative medical treatment methods that can be backed up by rigorous modern scientific research.

Alzheimer’s and Diabetes are on the top 10 list of leading causes of death in the United States. Currently, both diseases are without a cure, and rigorous scientifically evaluated alternative treatment is in urgent need. As great results are seen through TCM treatment, these two disease will first be targeted in the early stages of research at EMed.

EMed Research Center is a newly formed non-profit medical research center that promises to bring revolutionary insights to TCM through modern scientific research. Its research involves utilizing big data analysis to evaluate the efficacy of different TCM treatment methods on Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. The outcome of the research could dramatically increase the treatment efficacy of TCM and provide concrete scientific evidence for its effectiveness. EMed Research Center strives to educate the general public through scientific findings and bridging the knowledge of TCM for scholars worldwide.Slide3Slide5Slide8Slide9

Inspired by tradition, pursuit with technology