What is EMed Research Center?
EMed Research Center is a research entity that utilizes modern scientific research methods to study Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Is EMed a Non-profit organization?
EMed is currently seeking 501 c3 non- profit statues and all donations to EMed will be treated with highest ethical standards according to the non-Profit organization guidelines.

How is the research conducted at EMed Research Center?
Through easy to use software application, EMed analyzes the mass treatment progress and outcome data with comparative effectiveness methods; to determine the efficacy of different Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment methods.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practiced in China for thousands of years and utilized by billions of people worldwide. In the US alone, there are about three million adults that use acupuncture every year based on a 2007 study by the National Health Interview Survey. Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with many forms of treatment like acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies, cupping, and many others. To learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine that’s targeted by EMed, please refer to our targeted treatment method page.

How to support EMed Research Center?
You can support EMed Research Center through one time direct donation, monthly donation, bond and mutual fund donation, and by support on social media.

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