Dr. Kewei Chen

“The reason I was invited to join the board of this non-profit organization with my own volunteered time is my passion and research interest in the cure, delay and even possibly prevent the terrible Alzheimer’s disease (AD). As a Sr. Scientist, Sr. Bio-mathematician and the Director of Computational Image Analysis and Research lab at Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, I have been conducting research on AD, its risks and preventions for years. I believe traditional Chinese medicine can play an important part in our fight against AD.  And I am glad to know that one of the Emed research areas is AD and to learn very positive effects of TCM on a number of cases at eMed. I view the continued research will be the means to furtherimprove the treatments, to demonstrate the long-terms effects, and more importantly, to use rigorous scientific approaches to document these positive effects objectively. These studies apparently need to beconducted with careful plan and design and especially with funding and supports from the community the clinic intends to serve. I, as a scientist, will help to make sure that eMed carries out its practices and research with rigor and integrity. And it needs your supports to make these researches realized, in the hope that the benefits some of you enjoyed will be shared by others”

Dr. Chen is a senior scientist and senior biomathematician at Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and Banner Good Samaritan PET center. He got his Ph.D. in Biomathematics and Biology, and his Master’s degree in Biomathematics from University of California, Los Angeles. He also obtained his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics from Beijing Normal University.

” We feel confident that Chinese medicine (CM) will play an important role in the fight against various diseases including Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We would like to help Dr. Xiao and her team for the use of scientific methods to evaluate the CM efficacy in possibly curing, delaying or even preventing AD.” — Kewei Chen

Partial List of Published Journal Papers (up to 8/2014)

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