296-1263526688VyluAcupuncture: Acupuncture points stimulate the nervous system to release chemicals in the muscles, the spinal cord, and brain. These chemicals influence the body’s own internal regulating system. The improved energy and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities, thus enabling physical and emotional well-being.


natural-medicine-436578_1280Chinese Herbology: Herbology is traditionally one of the more important modalities utilized in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Each herbal medicine prescription is a cocktail of many herbs tailored to the individual patient.  Unlike Western medications, the balance and interaction of all the ingredients are considered more important than the effect of individual ingredients.


wooden-14322_640Cupping: Known as Ba Guan, Cupping affects the flow of Qi and blood. It helps draw out and eliminate pathogenic factors such as wind, cold, damp and heat. Cupping also moves Qi and Blood and opens the pores of the skin, thus precipitating the removal of pathogens through the skin itself. If necessary a gliding action is performed with the cups already suctioned to the body to help draw out excess blockages within the body.


massage-389727_1280Scraping: Known as Gua Sha, strokes made with a blunt object removes blood stagnation considered pathogenic, promoting normal circulation and metabolic processes. The patient experiences immediate relief from pain, stiffness, fever, chill, cough, nausea, and so on. Gua Sha is valuable in the prevention and treatment of acute infectious illness, upper respiratory and digestive problems, and many other acute or chronic disorders.


wellness-285589_1280Tui Na: Tui Na is a medical procedure for treating wellness. Referred to as Chinese Medical Massage, it is a vital component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. “Tui” meaning to push or stroke, and “Na” meaning to grasp or knead. A combination of massage, acupressure and other forms of muscles or nerves to remove blockages that prevent the free flow of qi.

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