Dr. BaoYan Liu

Vice President of Traditional Chinese Academy of Sciences (CACMS)
President of the Chinese Acupuncture Society
President of the World Federation of Acupuncture Society
Traditional Medicine Consultant World Health Organization

“Dear Dr. Xiao,

Thank you very much for your kind invitation and it is my great pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors  and to contribute to your great cause in prompting Chinese medicine at EMed Research Center.

The mission and vision outlined in your non-profit research center plans are excellent, and I totally agree that they are the key steps to promote acupuncture and other traditional Oriental medicines worldwide. Working together with you, I am looking forward to the great success!

Warm regards,

Baoyan Liu”

Research and Clinical Interest
Acupuncture-Moxibustion effect, Chinese medicine clinical evaluation, evidence-based medicine, clinical epidemiology,medical informatics

Faculty Pagehttp://www.catcm.ac.cn/publicfiles/business/htmlfiles/zgzy/xrld/list.html


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